American Patriots Against    
Government Excess

Please be sure to check out these other fantastic websites!  web site to keep up with issues in congress

http.//  ohio's version of the Heritage Foundation great way to fax congressman and senators about illegal immigration. Concerned Women of America action page center for moral clarity great source of conservative information about issues  great website for info and petitions & contacting congress  JOIN Patriot Action Network   good way to get in on conservation petitions  give you conservative values a voice   great source of info and avenue for action  free news service and avenue for conservation action  patriotism in action  good free newsletter from national center for policy awareness with conservation values.  petitions supporting family values on key issues offering free notification of issues and petitions  action alerts on issues  National citizens organization emphasizing integrity over big money  Family research council advancing faith, family, freedom...great email newsletter and opportunities for action  Alliance Defense fund seeking to preserve first amendment rights  CONCERNED WOMEN OF AMERICA  STAND is a national grassroots organization of Americans dedicated to preserving out Judeo-Christian History and Values  political decisions should begin and end with the best interests of American families and communities in mind  American Family Association offers family  values action alerts Mises Institute wev page on Austrian school economics  todays news with a Christion World View...great weekly magazine